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Digital Marketing Agency that helps business owners, entrepreneurs, and creatives with their brand strategy, marketing & sales, and in-person content creation strategy and shoot. Spring Lake, North Carolina and surrounding cities.



An entrepreneur with many hats and experiences; a certified brand and marketing strategist, host of The Teresa G. Sivak Podcast, a veteran of the U.S. Army, as well as a mommy and spouse who is passionate about all of the things that have to do with helping you and your online business strategy. My coaching practices may be viewed as a little orthodox: (REAL) psychology dissection and implementation, the kind that makes your target audience think and follow, and a precise military-based approach.

As for the "on paper", holding professional & academic degrees and certifications in business, marketing, brand strategy, and psychology adding 15 years of online business and social media management experience.  TGS Marketing started with a simple idea and determination to be able to offer you the very best, tactical, and straight-forward marketing & branding blueprints with strategic and broken-down training to help business owners, like you, use the online space to increase visibility and revenue.

I'm here to serve. No matter what I offer - we're in this to make a difference. I want to help you build a business strategy you love and that fits YOUR lifestyle.


Whether you’re launching or growing your business or looking to make a big change in your personal life, I am here to help you reach the highest levels of your creative potential and tap into the deepest wisdom within you.​

Professional Experience

Certified Brand & Marketing Specialist Teresa G. Sivak

15 years of social media experience with backgrounds in...

  • Online business management

  • Social media direct selling

  • Understanding trends & content curation

  • Understanding analytical data

  • Brand Immersion and Representation

  • Consumer Psychology & Buyer Journey

Professional & academic degrees plus certifications in Business, Marketing, Psychology, and Brand Strategy.


Military Background:

  • tactical execution

  • analytical & strategic planning

  • problem solving & trouble shooting

  • leadership

  • professional communication

  • organization

  • dependability

My mission is to teach you how to...

  • Target the customers that want to buy what you are selling

  • Position your brand + business in the market

  • Strategically convert those buyers into clients

  • Optimize your online presence for maximum attraction and conversion

  • Show up online confidently & sell effectively

Veteran-Owned Certified Small Business Marketing Agency Spring Lake, NC
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