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Be With Me, Coach!

A 4-week consulting service for the entrepreneur 

who needs project-specific assistance AND a coach by their side.

Structure Me, Coach!

A 10-week structured coaching program

curated with detailed and specific training

topics based on your business needs.

VIP Content Day

A day where we block out 5 hours to create in-person content for your online presence. We will work with you to develop content that showcases your brand's unique voice and what you offer: from strategy, shoot, edit and schedule!

TGS EOY Intensive

A month-long private 1:1 intensive coaching for the new business owner (or seasoned) to fast-track their business for the new upcoming year.

YEARLY - program starts the first Monday of every December!

60 Minute Standard Session

Ideal for the business owner needing immediate advice, coaching, or consulting. Need another fresh pair of eyes, new ideas, or simply someone to help you get the ball rolling? This is a time to receive uninterrupted 60 or 90 minute attention to target to dissolve any business roadblock.

90 Minute Strategy Session

Ideal for the business owner needing extensive and strategic solutions, advice, coaching, or consulting for complex business issues. This is a time to receive uninterrupted 90 minutes of attention to target and dissolve any complex business roadblock.

60 Minute

Profile Audit

This 60 minute profile audit service meticulously analyzes your profile, pinpointing areas for enhancement and providing you with a tailor-made report attached with actionable methods to finally boost your presence and grow your following.


Content team

This service is great for someone who just needs content created of their business or event. Whether you have a birthday party, live workshop, speaking engagement, wedding, networking event or simply you want content created of you and whatever you are doing, count us in to help you shine.

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