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VIP Content Creation Day_North Carolina_ TGS Marketing

Picture this…

You: I want to finally up game my social media presence... I know how much social media is needed today. I don't have time nor patience to do it on my own. I don't know about shooting attractive content or even the editing side of it... I need my business's social media optimized!

Us: We got you. Not only will we take control of the creative process and brainstorming, but we will also teach you basic tips and tricks that you can do for your social media so once we are done, you can continue to nurture your audience, gain new following and attract those dreamy buyers.

You: That sounds like a peace of mind, what is VIP Content Day all about?

Imagine not having to worry about

❌ brainstorming what content to create

❌ wondering how to create the content or when

❌ how much content to create 

❌ what type of platforms to use and that works best

❌ editing the content

❌ scheduling the content 

and finally have a team that will

✅ brainstorm the content needed to attract buyers

✅ shoot the content for you, taking control of your content creation process and creative process

✅ edit the content for you, because we all know how tedious this process can be

✅ schedule the content for you allowing you to gain back time so you can continue doing what's important

✅ teach you easy and basic tips, tricks + hacks so you can take control of your social media without worrying what you may or may not be doing right-- social media does not have to be rocket science.



VIP Content Creation Day_North Carolina_ TGS Marketing

VIP CONTENT DAY is a 5 hour blocked out service where we'll optimize your online presence and get you started in your business expansion via online. This will allow you to finally begin the journey of using social media properly to expand, attract and gain local and even international customers via social media.

This is for the person who...


  • Is ready to make big moves, willing to do whatever it takes, and ready to go all in.

  • Knows that their dream clients are coming and ready to show up to call them in.

  • Understands that they do got the sauce', but just need a helping hand and realize that they can't do it all on their own.

VIP Content Creation Day_North Carolina_ TGS Marketing
Certified Brand & Marketing Specialist Teresa G. Sivak

I know what it's like...

I was there. Scrambling. Hitting my head against the wall trying to figure out the who, what, where, when, how, and the why of content creation. How could I make it so difficult on myself when everyone else seems to get it all down?

I always knew that social media was it. But, I had no idea how to serve my dreamy clients, let alone attract them to me.

That's when I got into marketing and branding, learning everything I could about the industry and how top-notch companies attract buyers on an hourly basis — how NOT to sound "sale-sy", desperate or clueless.


Once I learned the fundamentals, what to and not to do...that's when the game changed for me. It became second nature — my business exploded with new clients and revenue.

VIP CONTENT DAY isn't just about taking photos and videos. It's a full day, strategically prepared for you and your creative craft. From brand strategy: dissecting your business, knowing the WHO you are targeting/attracting to the creative guidance... we are taking it all off your hands.

Their experience,
Real Entrepreneurs...



The Investment

30 DAY VIP Content Day
  • 30 days worth of content that will be researched, shot and edited for your online presence

    • Edited Videos for Instagram reels, TikTok and YouTube Shorts (minimum 10 videos)

    • Edited Photos for Instagram and Facebook (minimum 15 photos)

  • (2) Social Media Profile Audit (pre-recorded and sent via email/Google Drive)

    • Choose between Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Facebook Business, and YouTube to receive expert recommendations so you can continue nurturing your audience, growing your following and gaining those dreamy customers the best way possible + fits your busy schedule

  • (1) Website Audit (pre-recorded and sent via email/Google Drive)

  • Scheduled content 30 days in advance


VIP30 Investment

 Real words...


After just ONE VIP Content Day...


  • You've learned how to show up confidently and strategically to attract your dreamy clients.

  • Keeping up with your social media account is a lot easier and you easily find inspiration.

  • You now have more time for other elements of your business and  feel at ease knowing that your social media content marketing is taken care of.

Certified Brand & Marketing Specialist Teresa G. Sivak
VIP Content Creation Day_North Carolina_ TGS Marketing
VIP Content Creation Day_North Carolina_ TGS Marketing
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